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Marble cake

Marble cake

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Classic rich marble cake made with Valrhona cacao and vanilla beans. 


This marble cake is luxuriously dipped in a dark chocolate with crunchy cocoa nibs added for a satisfying texture and additional flavor. Enjoy it as part of your daily indulgence with coffee or tea.

Sink your teeth into our yummy Marble Cake – with two options of deliciousness to choose from! Get plain, or add an extra layer of hazelnut praliné and Jivara milk chocolate for flavor with flair. One thing's for sure: you can't go wrong with this delight!


Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy

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Common questions

How long can I store the cakes?

For the best quality and enjoyment, all our pastries are recommended to be consumed on the day of purchase.

Chilled pastries will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator.
Baked goods which are directly stored in the refrigerator, will last up 5 days. Please reheat to consume.

Are you halal certified?

No, we are not halal certified. We use rum and pork in some of our products. This is mentioned in the product descriptions. However, for gelatin, we solely use fish gelatin in our production kitchen.

How should I reheat the pastries?

For all baked goods we recommend the oven or airfryer. 

General guidelines for reheating:

Oven: 180°C - 5min

Airfryer: 180°C - 2 min

Please keep in mind that timing will vary depending on the temperature of the products, quantity of the product to reheat and different types of ovens.